Tutu School Sherman Oaks 
13325 Moorpark St  Sherman Oaks,CA 91423 
Tutu School Sherman Oaks
13325 Moorpark St
Sherman OaksCA 91423
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Ballet School Sherman Oaks, CA

Founded by Genevieve Custer Weeks, Tutu School is a ballet school in Sherman Oaks, CA, that operates by the principle that "Every Child Should Know What It Feels Like to Dance." We've taken that principle and incorporated it into everything that we do. Children are blessed with an unblemished view of the world around them, and through dance, we help them add even more joy and awe to their daily routine. From bringing to life swans and sugar plums to twirling to the timeless melodies of Tchaikovsky and Bach, your child will develop motor skills and flexibility that will benefit them throughout their lives. Not to mention, they'll make close friends and have a great time!

Our Classes

Tutu School offers classes for kids ages 18 months to 8 years. Kids 18 months to 3 years will take part in Tutu Toddlers, which will introduce them to the world of ballet, and help them find their creative side. From the ages of 3 to 5, they'll move onto Exploring Ballet, where they'll have a strong foundation of ballet laid, and discover the balance between structure and creativity. From ages 5 to 8, Primary Ballet Prep will be their home, in which a more disciplined instruction will be given in order to build on the foundational elements they've learned in past classes.

Classes at Tutu School are not just for girls. Boys are welcome to join and learn. Ballet is a great way for both boys and girls to develop skills that can help them in other athletic endeavors. And after all, every fairy tale needs a prince!

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If your child is interested in joining Tutu School and learning great skills and having immense fun that will help them as they grow and mature, stop by our ballet school on Moorpark Street today and sign them up for classes. For more information, fill out the contact form below or call us today at (818) 232-6302. We look forward to sharing with them storybook adventures in ballet!

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Business Hours:

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